I have come to my conclusion on how I got injured. Usually my friends and I go home after a day of heavy lifting but we went out to eat for our friends birthday. So basically my body was still fatigue and barely got any rest before work at 4 am. Which led to lifting something light and it ended up straining/pulling my muscles.

9/26 injury

Recently I’ve became injured with a strained left pectoral, strained left trapezius, and strained neck. My only thought of how I got injured is that my body barely gets any rest now with my work schedule and school schedule. It isn’t from how I workout, I’ve been doing the same routine for a year already.


Bench: 185 lbs
Deadlift: 165 lbs
Squats: 155 lbs

When I first started going to the gym in August of 2013 I was benching 80 lbs. It took me five months to get to 185 lbs but from February to June I kind of fell off and lost my strength due to playing WoW. While I lost majority of my strength, my motivation kicked in July and had been going consistently. I am back to benching 185 lbs and my goal is to get to 225 lbs.

I’ve only started doing deadlifts and squats so there is more room to grow!

Experiences and I guess TL;DR

What will change about me by this time next year. I still am the same old Gilbert from last summer but I learned from the downfall that happened to me towards the end of 2013.

Some events happened this summer in which my close friends asked me, “what are you doing her again?” I knew what I was getting into but I am not the Gilbert from last year that became emo. I mean, It took me awhile to get back to reality. You could easily tell that I was acting different since I am usually talking a lot during kick its and during basketball. But learning from that experience it did change my aspects of what I wanted in women. I also thank my friends who were there helping me through that demise of a downfall.